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Churchill Remembered (BBC)
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Churchill Remembered
© 2006 BBC Audiobooks Ltd

A fascinating and illuminating audio portrait of the life and career of one of Britain's greatest leaders, recounted by those who knew him and in his own words from the BBC archive.

Churchill Remembered draws on a wealth of archive broadcasts by, among others, Robert Booth by, Violet Bonham Carter, Nancy Astor, Oswald Mosley and Churchill himself, and encompasses the whole of his extraordinary life.

'We Churchills die at forty' said Winston in 1908, 'and I want to put something more on the slate before then.' By the time he died in 1965, the slate was full .

From the outset of his career Churchill was ambitious and eager for action. He achieved fame and popularity through his dispatches from the Boer War, and in 1900 was elected MP for Oldham. Until the outbreak of war in 1939 Churchill was loved and loathed in equal measure. Critics and supporters alike recognised his vision, but often questioned his judgement. In the thirties, his out-of-touch views on subjects such as Indian nationalism meant that his warnings on German militarism were not taken seriously.

On the day Churchill took office as Prime Minister, Hitler invaded the low countries; by mid-June France had fallen, A lesser man would have been overwhelmed. Even his opponents do not doubt his greatness as a leader during the Second World War, but the 1945 election brought a shock defeat. Despite this setback, in 1951 at the age of 77 he returned to serve a second term as Prime Minister.

NB: Due to the age and the off-air source of some recordings, the sound quality may at times vary.

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Churchill's Greatest Speeches (BBC)
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Winston Churchill's Greatest Speeches
Never Give In!

2006 BBC AudioBooks Ltd

Sir Winston Churchill's greatest speeches digitally remastered, selected and introduced by his grandson Winston S. Churchill.

Winston Churchill steered Britain through its darkest hours during World War Two. He was one of the twentieth century's greatest orators, and the speeches that he painstakingly composed, rehearsed and delivered inspired courage in an entire nation. Churchill's output was prolific - his complete speeches alone contain over 5 million words.

On this special recording, the best and most important of those have been brought together in this historic volume.

Using digitally remastered archive recordings, they include:

'Blood, toil, tears and sweat' -

This was their finest hour' -

'An Iron Curtain has descended' -

'Never give in!' -

'Give us the tools'.

Winston Churchill oversaw some of the most important events the world has ever seen and was the most eloquent and expressive statesman of his age.

These speeches help reveal the man behind the defiant orator and demonstrate why, in a national poll, Sir Winston Churchill was voted 'Greatest Briton of All Time'.

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